The Cayman Islands – Replenishing Stop on Sea Voyages

The Cayman Islands pic
The Cayman Islands

Patrick Borchard is the chief financial officer and a principal of Pangea Properties in Chicago, which invests in multifamily commercial properties with exceptional upside potential. An avid traveler, Patrick Borchard has explored much of the Caribbean with his wife and enjoys locales such as Aruba, St. Maarten, and the Turks and Caicos. One of his favorite destinations is Grand Cayman Island.

The Cayman Islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503, during his fourth and final New World expedition, and became known by the Spanish as the “Caimanas,” a word taken from the native Carib word for crocodile. Sir Francis Drake commented on the presence of these “great serpents” on the islands during a voyage in 1585-1586, and the diminutive islands became a popular stopping point for ships because of their abundance of sea turtles. Unfortunately, overhunting rapidly depleted the local stock and fisherman soon had to broaden their range to Cuba to find more sea turtles to hunt.

The Cayman Islands’ first settlers, Mr. Bodden and Mr. Watler, were eventually joined by a mix of shipwrecked sailors, pirates, and slaves from Africa. Today, the islands are home to a multicultural community whose diverse ethnic roots reflect the islands’ varied history.


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