Three California Pinot Noir Suggestions

Belle Glos pic
Belle Glos

Based in Chicago, Patrick Borchard serves as CFO of the real estate investment trust Pangea Properties, which operates apartments in Chicago, Baltimore, and Indianapolis. In his free time, Patrick Borchard enjoys wine, with a special interest in pinot noirs from California and Oregon.

California produces some of the world’s best pinot noirs, many hailing from regions like the Sonoma Coast and the Anderson Valley. Forbes / Travel recently highlighted several notable California pinot noirs:

1) 2013 Belle Glos Clark and Telephone: From Santa Barbara, this wine combines dark berry fruits with cinnamon and cardamom spice in a blend that is both compact and elegant.

2) 2012 Sea Smoke Southing: Produced by the Sta. Rita Hills, this wine is a bit pricier but worth it because of the deep complexity of flavors, which include notes of spice, cherry, and rose petals. Some argue the plot of land these grapes are grown on is the finest in California.

3) 2013 Freeman Akiko’s Cuvee Sonoma Coast: This wine comes from a cooler climate and offers notes of violets, black cherry, and earth.


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