Owning a Fender Stratocaster

Fender Stratocaster pic
Fender Stratocaster
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Patrick Borchard has served as a finance executive for a number of companies, including the Chicago-based privately held real estate investment trust Pangea Properties. Beyond his professional commitments, Patrick Borchard finds time to make music with his Fender Stratocaster.

Fender Stratocaster is one of the most recognizable names in the electric guitar market. First introduced in 1954, it has been used in countless performances and recordings across a gamut of popular genres.

Apart from its popularity, why should an aspiring guitarist choose the Fender Stratocaster over other similar brands? First off, it is smooth and comfortable to use owing to its iconic body and neck contour. However, one of its main advantages is its deep cutaway design, which also allows the guitar player full access to the fretboard.

Other than that, the Fender Stratocaster’s three-pickup array and five-way selector switch which give guitarists the flexibility to experiment with the sound and gain access to a wide range of tonal colors.


A Phish Profile

Phish pic
Image: phish.com

Patrick Borchard is the chief financial officer for Pangea Properties, a privately held real estate investment trust based in Chicago. When he’s not working, Patrick Borchard enjoys playing guitar and attending Phish concerts–he has been to more than 50 shows.

Though never wildly commercially successful in the traditional sense, the American rock-and-roll band Phish has acquired a fanatical following due to their live concerts, which rely heavily on improvisation and jamming sessions. Diehard Phish fans often follow the band around the country and debate past concerts with each other.

Phish was founded in a dorm room at the University of Vermont, where drummer John Fishman and guitarists Trey Anastasio and Jeff Holdsworth (who later left the band) first starting playing together. They were later joined by bass player Mike Gordon and keyboardist Page McConnell. The band’s first album was independently released in 1988 and by 1993, the band began to see chart success. While most preceding albums charted, Phish is best known for its amazing live performances and they continue to tour today.

Three California Pinot Noir Suggestions

Belle Glos pic
Belle Glos
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Based in Chicago, Patrick Borchard serves as CFO of the real estate investment trust Pangea Properties, which operates apartments in Chicago, Baltimore, and Indianapolis. In his free time, Patrick Borchard enjoys wine, with a special interest in pinot noirs from California and Oregon.

California produces some of the world’s best pinot noirs, many hailing from regions like the Sonoma Coast and the Anderson Valley. Forbes / Travel recently highlighted several notable California pinot noirs:

1) 2013 Belle Glos Clark and Telephone: From Santa Barbara, this wine combines dark berry fruits with cinnamon and cardamom spice in a blend that is both compact and elegant.

2) 2012 Sea Smoke Southing: Produced by the Sta. Rita Hills, this wine is a bit pricier but worth it because of the deep complexity of flavors, which include notes of spice, cherry, and rose petals. Some argue the plot of land these grapes are grown on is the finest in California.

3) 2013 Freeman Akiko’s Cuvee Sonoma Coast: This wine comes from a cooler climate and offers notes of violets, black cherry, and earth.

Steve Harvey – An American Comedic Success Story

Steve Harvey pic
Steve Harvey
Image: steveharvey.com

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Patrick Borchard serves as chief financial officer of Pangea Properties REIT, a value-add player in the distressed multi-family market. In his free time, Patrick Borchard watches comedy shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld, and he enjoys the work of television host and comedian Steve Harvey on which Pangea has been a guest/sponsor. Mr. Borchard’s firm joined forces with the comedian during the 2013 and 2014 holiday season, providing no-cost apartments to families in need.

From a West Virginia coal mining family, Steve Harvey held diverse jobs throughout his 20s, from insurance salesman to prospective boxer, before finding his calling on the stage. Starting as a stand-up comic in the mid-1980s, he was discovered in 1989 as a finalist in a national comedy search. He became host of the syndicated Showtime at the Apollo show in 1993 and started The Steve Harvey Show three years later. Teaming up with other top-level comedic talents, he launched The Kings of Comedy in 1999, which became the most financially successful U.S. comedy tour ever.

In recent years, Steve Harvey has stayed active as a talk show host and has had a surprisingly successful career as an author with relationship advice books such as Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

Chicago’s Evolving Distressed Real Estate Landscape

Chicago Distressed Real Estate pic
Chicago Distressed Real Estate
Image: kcmblog.com

Patrick Borchard is a longtime Chicago executive who guides Pangea Properties, a privately held real estate investment trust (REIT), as chief financial officer. Patrick Borchard coordinates with agencies such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in undertaking financing transactions, with an emphasis on repositioned residential rental properties. In his leadership role, he stays informed of the latest trends in the real estate and private equity markets.

Over the past several years, Chicago’s real estate landscape has improved significantly, with sales and prices up and the number of distressed property sales in sharp decline. That said, a Chicago Now article from November 2015 pointed to the nonuniform nature of the recovery.

Neighborhoods on the north side and near downtown no longer offer many distressed properties, while the south and west sides of Chicago are still struggling to overcome the aftermath of the 2008 housing bust. Only Hyde Park and Kenwood are exceptions on the south side, which has seen frequent short sales and foreclosures. This is not to say that a sea change is not underway: even in zip codes with high numbers of distressed sales, recent data suggest that they peaked in 2013 and have since declined significantly.

The Cayman Islands – Replenishing Stop on Sea Voyages

The Cayman Islands pic
The Cayman Islands
Image: caymanislands.com/

Patrick Borchard is the chief financial officer and a principal of Pangea Properties in Chicago, which invests in multifamily commercial properties with exceptional upside potential. An avid traveler, Patrick Borchard has explored much of the Caribbean with his wife and enjoys locales such as Aruba, St. Maarten, and the Turks and Caicos. One of his favorite destinations is Grand Cayman Island.

The Cayman Islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503, during his fourth and final New World expedition, and became known by the Spanish as the “Caimanas,” a word taken from the native Carib word for crocodile. Sir Francis Drake commented on the presence of these “great serpents” on the islands during a voyage in 1585-1586, and the diminutive islands became a popular stopping point for ships because of their abundance of sea turtles. Unfortunately, overhunting rapidly depleted the local stock and fisherman soon had to broaden their range to Cuba to find more sea turtles to hunt.

The Cayman Islands’ first settlers, Mr. Bodden and Mr. Watler, were eventually joined by a mix of shipwrecked sailors, pirates, and slaves from Africa. Today, the islands are home to a multicultural community whose diverse ethnic roots reflect the islands’ varied history.

Notre Dame Ranked Fifth in the Nation after Eight Games in 2015

Notre Dame College Football pic
Notre Dame College Football
Image: cbssports.com

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Patrick Borchard directs financial accounting and investments for multifamily property development and asset management as CFO at Pangea Properties. Away from his professional responsibilities, Patrick Borchard enjoys watching college football, and he supports his alma mater, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

After the first eight games of the 2015 NCAA college football regular season, Notre Dame ranks fifth in the nation and eighth in the Associated Press Top 25 with a record of 7-1. The Irish received their only loss of the year in a two-point margin of defeat against undefeated Clemson, positioned as the top program in the country at 8-0.

DeShone Kizer, a sophomore out of Toledo, Ohio, leads the Notre Dame offense with 1,669 yards passing and 318 rushing, as well as 11 touchdowns through the air and five on the ground. Senior running back C.J. Prosise has amassed 947 yards and 11 touchdowns, and junior wide receiver Will Fuller has tallied 748 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns.