Barolo – A Classic DOCG of Italy’s Red Wine-Growing Piedmont Region

Patrick Borchard is a longtime Chicago real estate executive who leads Pangea Properties in investing in distressed residential properties. Also a wine aficionado, Patrick Borchard enjoys a diversity of California and Oregon products and has a particular interest in pinot noirs, meritages, and Barolos.

Located in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, Barolo is the area’s most well-known Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) and is highly regarded for its exquisite red wines.

Barolo was formalized as a DOCG appellation in the mid-1960s and comprises approximately 1,700 hectares. The landscape features picturesque villages that typically sit at the top of hills. The terroir, or natural environment, is exceptional for wine grape cultivation, with the continental climate providing the extended autumns and summers that Nebbiolo grapes require to attain full ripeness.

Barolo is distinct from its close cousin Barbaresco in that it grows in soils less nutrient rich, and thus has higher levels of tannins. Barbaresco wines are required to be stored only two years to be so labeled, while Barolo wines require a full three years of storage. This not only reduces the tannins in the final product but also alters the fruit flavor components.


Notre Dame Football Head Coach Brian Kelly

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Patrick Borchard leverages years of experience as a financial professional to lead Pangea Properties as chief financial officer. In his free time, Patrick Borchard supports Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish football team and its head coach Brian Kelly.

A longtime collegiate football coach, Brian Kelly has built a successful career as the head coach of several nationwide universities. During his undergraduate studies at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, he played as a linebacker on the football team and served as team captain for two consecutive seasons. After earning his degree, he remained at Assumption for three years, leading the football program as defensive coordinator and linebacker coach.

Subsequently, Brian Kelly accepted a coaching position at Grand Valley State University, where he headed recruitment efforts and coordinated the defensive line. He went on to assume responsibilities as the team’s head coach. Under his leadership, the team achieved a 13-year record of 118 wins and 35 losses.

Brian Kelly leveraged his coaching experience to lead the collegiate football teams at Central Michigan University and the University of Cincinnati for several years. Since 2010, he has served as head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He has brought the team to three college bowl wins and helped the team complete its first undefeated season in nearly 25 years.

Throughout his entire career as a head coach, Kelly has achieved a record of 208 wins and 72 losses. He has received numerous awards for his accomplishments, including the Big East Coach of the Year and the Associated Press Coach of the Year awards.

The CF Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Patrick Borchard has served as chief financial officer of real estate investment trust firm Pangea Properties for the last six years. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Patrick Borchard pursues a passion for playing the guitar, particularly on his CF Martin D-28 acoustic guitar.

First introduced in 1931, the D-28 has long been known for its wide-body dreadnought design, which creates a high-quality tone and powerful bass projection. Originating from CF Martin & Company in Pennsylvania, the D-28 quickly gained popularity among country bands, who preferred its deep sounds when playing alongside fiddles and banjos. The guitar has since become predominant in the realm of bluegrass music, serving as the favored guitar of several famous performers, including Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, and Paul McCartney.

The six-string model’s East Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce wood design provides a warm and resonant sound quality, optimizing the guitar’s use for vocal accompaniment and songwriting. In addition, the guitar features a solid black ebony fretboard and hardwood neck, which eases playing for any musician.

The Benefits of Being a Member of the Mortgage Bankers Association

Chief financial officer of Pangea Properties, a Chicago-based real estate investment trust that operates more than 10,000 apartments, Patrick Borchard is responsible for leading investor relations and financial accounting within the enterprise. An active member of the professional community, Patrick Borchard works closely with several members of the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Dedicated to helping its members invest in communities, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) offers a variety of business tools and educational opportunities. The following are a few of the basic benefits enjoyed by members of the MBA:

Networking. The MBA hosts a number of events and conferences every year that are available to members. Additionally, members have access to the association’s online directory and social networks, allowing members to stay in contact with one another no matter where they are.

Professional advancement. Members of the MBA can easily improve their business by taking advantage of the association’s forecasts and careers board. Further, the MBA maintains compliance essentials that ensure members stay abreast of changes in industry regulations.

Involvement. By participating in an MBA committee or joining the MBA, members can play an active role in changing policy within the industry. At a smaller level, members belonging to a networking group can meet with fellow members regularly and share information.

Resources. Offering daily and weekly e-newsletters, the MBA ensures its members are aware of news in the industry. Members also receive a number of free subscriptions to Mortgage Banking, the association’s monthly magazine, for their companies.

Caring for an Acoustic Guitar

As chief financial officer of Pangea Properties, Patrick Borchard heads the financial operations of a company with over 500 employees. In his free time, Patrick Borchard is a guitar enthusiast and owner of an acoustic Martin D-28, a model played by both Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. The care and maintenance of valuable acoustic guitars is a simple yet important part of instrument ownership.

Proper maintenance of an acoustic guitar begins with storage. When it is not being played, a guitar should be returned to its case to prevent damage. Many guitars incur damage when they are leaned against a wall and subsequently knocked over between practice sessions.

Like many items constructed of wood, acoustic guitars are sensitive to both temperature and humidity. Martin guitars, for example, are crafted in an atmosphere of around 50 percent humidity with a temperature in the low to mid-70s, and the company recommends storing them in similar conditions. It is important to keep guitars adequately humidified and protected from extreme changes in temperature to avoid warping, swelling, and cracking.

Guitar owners can clean their instruments by dampening a cotton cloth with warm water and gently wiping the body down, then drying it immediately afterward. A professional should always be consulted before any kind of polish is used on a guitar’s body or fretboard.